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Jun 14 at 02:17 PM

Performance Management


2021-06-14-07-05-25-successfactors-performance-eva.pngHi Team,
We are facing the challenge while adding The Objective in Performance Plan.
We can't able to select the Objective from the list as 'ADD' Button is not coming.

Tick box against Objectives are not getting showed up to choose. Could you please help.
After launching the forms, employee will add the Goals by clicking on "Add Objective" >>

"From Nitika's Objective Plan" >> Here employee get various goals like Financial goals, Customer goals, etc.
On the top there is a message "To add existing objectives to the form, select the tick boxes next to the appropriate objectives, and click the “Add Selected Objectives to Form” button."

As we see in the attached screenshot, there is no tick box to be checked against objective,

PFA for the same and suggest.

Thanks and Regards
Prasad Sule