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Jun 14, 2021 at 02:37 PM

Hi I am new to Sap but I am advanced in ERP SYSTEMS


Hi I am new to Sap, and I noticed your website has covid 19 information, do you offer any financial support during

the crisis; for example job roles or money handouts?? Also I am not a medical professional but I think a new virus

is out there; this relates to diagnosis such as obsessive compulsive disorder, Inflamattery ALS, Depression, Anxiety,

Psychosis and Scitzophrenia. If you could get a medical team involved in diagnosing this disease based on the following illnesses it would help me much as I am experiencing some of these illnesses. Also I want to know
how to create a program which holds a database with simple lines and an application that runs this database,

or if you have one of what I am describing,,,, please reply