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Jun 10 at 02:44 PM

Connect to APC channel from UI5 application running on SAP Gateway

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Hi all

We have deployed our UI5 applicaton on our SAP Gateway and we are trying to connect from the UI5 applicaton to Websocket that runs on SAP S4HANA. Unfortunately, when the UI5 application tries to connect Websocket it always failed with the error message:

Websocket connection to: wss://.... failed.

The domains are configured as follows:

SAP Gateway =>


For CORS, we have entered on the transaction SAPC_CROSS_ORIGIN the following:

However it does not work.

The created APC channel on S4HANA works:

The data can no be send and receive.

How can we connect from UI5 application(runs on SAP Gateway) to Websocket(runs on S4HANA)?

Best regards,

Anujit Marty