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Jun 15, 2021 at 02:34 PM

Enterprise Portal URL can not redirect


When we do the URL redirection in Test and Development systems, it works without any problems. When we try it on the live system, the Login page opens and the URL of the login page is displayed instead of the URL entered.

URL format:
http://[full qualified domain name of portal server]:[Port]/irj/portal/?NavigationTarget=[Portal_content page]

1- We enter our URL when we are not logged in to the Portal

2-When we enter the URL, the Login page opens automatically and if we look at the address section of the browser, the URL of the Login page is located instead of the URL we entered. The URL we entered in the Test and Development system was the address.

3-After logging in, it is redirected to the Homepage.

We want a redirect to the URL we entered.

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