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Jun 15 at 03:11 AM

Archiving PO attachments in to 3rd party system (in our case it is Saparion).


Hello Experts,

I have been stuck in one archiving issue. We are using a server called SP server against which all the configuration settings are maintained (Like Document type, table Link ). We are archicing the attachments in blow flow
1) SCMS_HTTP_COPY -> Creating a DOC ID link.

2) ARCHIV_CONNECTION_INSER -> Inserting in to server.

After checking in OAAD tcode the status shows ONLINE (Which means successfully archived (To my inderstanding)). But the 3rd party system which stores the archived document is not able to open the attachments and instead it is visible as a stream file. (An entry only with Document ID). Can you suggest a solution to fix this issue.