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Jun 11, 2021 at 02:05 PM

Activation scheduler - few questions



I am trying to understand how works the internal CC activation scheduler. Especially in the integrated scenario like BRIM.

I have few questions:

- according to the documentation: "This scheduler is provided only for compatibility purpose with older versions of SAP Convergent Charging. Since version 3.0, SAP recommends that you implement the external manual, automated or scheduled triggering of the activation of periodic fees...". Does it mean that, in BRIM setup with CRM and ERP, the activation should be developed in CRM or ERP?

- it looks like scheduled activation can be omitted due to other activation in the same server instance. is there any way to have all runs even with some delay. to avoid waiting for the next recurrence?

- periodic activation reports how many contracts and subscriptions were activated. I have noticed that it also includes suspended contracts (in CRM they are cancelled). how to avoid processing activation on cancelled contracts in CRM?

- some of subscriber accounts could exists in the system without contract yet. are they processed during periodic activation? the question is actually if the activation is per subscriber account or per provider contracts and subscriptions in the system?

best regards