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Jun 11 at 10:31 AM

Connectionpath for application



We are having some difficulties understanding a certain issue in our application.

Each time our application has an update, a lot of clients get error 6420.
We resolved this issue by making an ADS.ini, after a while we noticed a lot of 6097 errors instead of the 6420.
Some applications also use an ADS.ini so we deleted these and instead started putting the port in the connectionpath.

The issue now is that while the clients most of the time don't have issues after the update, the host get's a bad ip error.
We found that instead of putting the connectionpath for the host on C:\x\*.add, we have to put it as \\hostname:6262\x\*.add.

Could someone shed some light on why we have to put it like this in the connectionpath?

Thanks in advance.