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Jun 14 at 03:52 PM

Can several Service PO for different company codes be automatically created from one Freight Order?


Hi everyone,

In a Freight Order I have 2 outbound deliveries from one company (L340) and 1 outbound delivery for another company (EA01). When making the settlement document, normally a purchase order and a service entry sheet are created. In this case I would like to create a settlement document per company code and in turn, a Service PO per company code and that it can be identified within this purchase order to which company code it belongs. Does anyone know of a way to do this automatically (if possible) or manually?

In the case of the attached image I have manually created 3 settlement documents for each delivery but when you enter the purchase order that has been created, the same company code appears for all of them. Is there any way to change this company code inside the Service purchase order?

Thank you very much.


obipq.png (129.5 kB)
vvtpt.png (70.6 kB)