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Jun 10 at 10:02 PM

Getting information to help with gross profit query


Hello All

I have done my best to find an answer in the forum already but could not find anything to help me.

I'm trying to work out why I have a negative gross profit in a certain month. If I run the Sales Analysis report (Sales - AR/Sales Reports/Sales Analysis) for the month in question then it shows a gross profit of £105,018 on sales of £296,262. This would mean costs of sales of £191,244

However, the costs that have gone through the G/L cost of sales codes in the month total £321,428 giving a negative gross profit of (£25,166).

How can this be so different. This is a difference of £130,184 of costs between the Sales Analysis report and the P&L

Is there a report that can list each sale and show me the corresponding G/L entries for the month that would hopefully agree back to my P&L report for the month. I assume it would have to pick up any costs that did not have a related sale (if there are any).