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Jun 09, 2021 at 09:18 PM

Field Types in Field Explorer Question


Hello, I have a question that is somewhat complicated to explain. We use Crystal report to generate work order forms from our ERP. I am using crystal reports version Our ERP allows customers to create comments on work orders. We then created a subreport that outputs those comments from the ERP onto the work order form generated by Crystal Reports. I am wondering if the Field Type limits the amount of text that actually appears on the Work Order when it is generated. Our subreport only returns the comments entered on the work order when they are marked as 'customer viewable.' I see that the field we use to display these notes has a 'Field Type' of 'String(8000).' So the question I am asking is, does Crystal reports count the number of characters housed in our 'notes' field in our database for each customer regardless if they are being outputted onto the work order form? Because when I print a form, the subreport randomly gets cutoff even though I have 'can grow' checked and 'keep together' unchecked. I am curious if the number of characters exceeds 8000 and that is why it is being cut off even though clearly less than 8000 get outputted on to the actual form, there could very well could be over 8000 characters of notes total (including the ones not marked as 'customer viewable'). Hopefully this makes sense.