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Jun 11 at 01:15 PM

List Report: display collection in UI LineItem

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Dear Community,

we are currently building a Fiori Elements app which has a many to many relationship to an entity (e.g. Material to supplier).

how to build the many to many relationship is also showcased here:

New SAP Cloud Application Programming Model Sample for Many-to-Many Relationships and Fiori Annotations | SAP Blogs

The question now is if it is feasible to display the multiple books that belong to one author already in the starting list report view as a UI LineItem. This would be very helpful for us as we want to use the mass export function on UI Line Item level for all the entities.

the following code snippet works but the field for suppliers remains empty within the UI List Item:

annotate TestService.Materials with @(UI : {
    SelectionFields     : [ID],
    LineItem            : [
        {Value : name},
        {Value : weight},
        {Value : suppliers.supplierID}

The UI column shows empty

Does anybody have experience regarding that topic?

Best Regards