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Jun 11 at 09:14 AM

iRPA - How copy a value from web form


Hi all,

I have trouble with copying (getting) a value from a form on a webpage. This value is in a field and it can be rewrited. When I run a test, it shows, that the content of Clipboard is empty (content: "").

I am using Cloud Studio.

I tried:

1) Get Element - I can get labels or text in buttons by this, but not a value in field.

2) Highlight the text by double click, do Ctrl+C (keystroke) and get it from Clipboard

It also makes some error with the message dialog. It shows me an empty window, which I can't close and the test is still running:

Anyone know something what could help?


automation1.png (10.2 kB)
automation2.png (27.4 kB)
error.png (4.1 kB)