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Jun 11 at 09:09 AM

show only Texts instead of IDs in ValueLists


Dear Community,

we are currently creating a list with UI LinteItems. One column refers to a valueList which shows the ID (UUID) and the description of the entity. once a row has been selected the ID is written into the line Item. Do you know if it was possible to only show the decription in the UI Line Item Field?

my ValueList annotation:

annotate TestService.ENTITY with {
 ValueListID @(
 Common.ValueListWithFixedValues : false,
 Common.ValueList : {
 CollectionPath : 'ENTITY',
 Parameters : [
 $Type : 'Common.ValueListParameterInOut',
 LocalDataProperty : 'ID',
 ValueListProperty : 'ID'
 $Type : 'Common.ValueListParameterDisplayOnly',
 ValueListProperty : 'description'

annotation for the lineItems:

annotate TestService.ENTITY with
@UI : {LineItem : [
 Value : ValueListID,
 Label : 'ID ValueList'

UI: Selection from Value List

UI: Line Items after Selection --> here I would like to only show the description field instead of the ID

I would be very grateful for any feedback.

Best Regards



valuelist-v1.jpg (54.9 kB)
valuelist-v2.jpg (16.3 kB)