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Jun 10 at 03:20 AM

How to reduce loading time of query on RSRT


How to reduce loading time of query on RSRT?

What Data manager exactly does?

Here is my running time on debug mode(figure 2) and composite provider (figure 1). I tried to use cache on database but there are always an error (figure 3). I tried use local cache but not really help much (~reduce 1-2 sec)

I already did a dynamic partition on DSO MSEGO_CN (contain data from table MSEG), the loading time from ~170 s to 150 s and remove some column on query (e.g article number on MSEG) the loading time from ~150 to ~100 s.

Is there any other way to improve the performance of query?

My query contains ~ 30 column key figure, is this the reasons of time consuming?.

figure 1

figure 2

figure 3.


qm8hd.png (42.7 kB)
t2nio.png (38.9 kB)
rds2r.png (42.7 kB)
zsj1m.png (8.2 kB)
5ehsj.png (42.7 kB)
ztmy7.png (38.9 kB)
b2ynt.png (8.2 kB)