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4 days ago

Migration Cockpit 2020 - Make Project available in Client



When making a project available in another client, what happens technically behind the scenes?

If I created projects in, example client 100, I can see these projects in the Fiori front-end in client 200. However, I am not able to edit the project or its objects via LTMOM in client 200.

If I make a project available in client 200, I can no longer see it in the Fiori front-end in client 100, but I can see the project and its objects in LTMOM in client 100.

Reason for the question is: if all projects have been created in client 100, and then made available in client 200 and if client 200 gets trashed, would I be able to make the projects available again in client 100? Are the objects still cross-client as with the older LTMC version?

Struggling to understand how this functionality of making projects available in another client works and I cannot find any documentation explaining it in detail.