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Jun 08 at 05:34 PM

Capacity Usage for demand based on resource at different Production Location


Hello Everyone,

We have a business case, where we have multiple plants in different company code in a single area due to local taxation laws.

In there the demand for FG1 in received at Plant P1 in Company code C1 and some times at Plant P2 in Company code C2 as the final shipment of the finished goods to customer will be done from plant P1 or P2.

But the resources for producing these products are available at available at Plant P2 in Company code C2 and Plant P3 in Company Code C3.

Once these products are produced at P2 & P3 they are then transported to P1 or P2 for final shipment from P1 or P2.

In ECC routing for the FG1 are created in same manner where work center from P2 & P3 are assigned in the routing of FG1 in plant P1 and P2.

Now we want to calculate the capacity usage during Infinite heuristics run in IBP S&OP process of individual resources of P2 & P3 for the FG demands from P1 and P2. How can we achieve this.