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Jun 08 at 02:01 PM

Data shows in HANA, but not in Webi


Hey, Does anybody know how to solve this? I have this case when I'm trying to "merge" two pieces of information: Sales Planning Order and Actual Delivery.

For example: the sales order 00001

that the customer requested:

R: 10

B: 15

C: 10

but we deliver

R: 10

B: 0

C: 5

I don't have the information in the delivery table: B so i have only A and C.

So I tried using a join: left outer and I have all the information on the lines, but when it comes to B i see "?" in the Actual Delivery.

And when i go the report on the Webi, article B doesn't show up.

Follow an image.

Thanks in advance,


01.png (27.6 kB)