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Jun 07 at 09:15 AM

Error: failed to load 'sap/ui/core/ItemRenderer.js'

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I'm trying to extend the standard sap.ui.core.Item control with some new behaviour. It will be used in the MultiComboBox later.

I have made a new DetailItem.js file in my project and entered the following code:

], function (Item) {
	"use strict";

	return Item.extend("DetailItem", {
      metadata: {
          properties: {
            detailText: {type: "string", defaultValue: ""},

      renderer: { }

Now when I call the control in the view with the namespace xmlns:ownControl="ch.ckw.zmmuamovw.controls"

Then in the aggregation of the MultiComboBox, it should now load my extended component:

        <ownControl:DetailItem key="{viewModel>key}" text="{viewModel>name}" detailText="test"/>

I try to achieve to access the property detailText in my extended logic, which actually should be possible.

Anyway I receive always the console log error:

Now what can I do, with this error, since I'm not able to create a custom control since the combo box requires an Item as children.