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Jun 05 at 03:40 PM

Get the end date of the validity of a price condition



I'm looking for a function that allows me to retrieve the end of validity date of a price condition.

In the KONH table we can have several conditions of the same type and the same article have the same end of validity date (example: 12/31/9999) but the system takes into account the start date of validation of the following data. for example for condition type YZ01 and item AAA I have the following records:

- Cond.record no. 01: 01/01/2021 -> 12/31/9999: 100 $.

- Cond.record no. 02: 02/01/2021 -> 12/31/9999: 120 $.

- Cond.record no. 03: 03/01/2021 -> 12/31/9999: 150 $.

Even if they have 12/31/9999, the system considers the end of validity date of record 01 to be 01/31/2021 (because the start date of record 02 is 02/01/2021 ... etc).

My goal is to find a function by the expiration date that the system has it take into account and not the one it is stored in the KONH table.

Thank you.