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4 days ago

HANA System Copy with Inkremental Backups


Hello Community,

we want to transfer a HANA Database from one data center to another one minimizing downtime. Due to a large database and limited network ressorces we want to proceed as follows:


Full backup to file

Transfer via HDD

Recover to target

n-times until reaching planned downtime:

{Inkremental Backup, Transfer via Network, Recover inkremental}


Stop Source

Inkremental Backup, Transfer via Network, Recover inkremental

We are using this procedure sucessfully with MaxDB and Oracle but I cannot find the way with HANA.

I have found a threat of 2016 with the information, that backup catalog is required to start the recovery. But at the time of the recovery of the full backup, the catalog can not have the information of the last inkremental backup.

When I use HANA Studio the database will be started after recovery of a full backup without catalog. I can not start the recovery of the inkremental recovery after that.

I have tried to find a recover command with sql, but did not find a usable.

I need this procedure urgently to reduce downtime from around 24 hours (backup to disc, transfer, recovery in downtime) to nearly one hour by described way.

Can anyone give me a hint, where to find the right tool or command?

Best Regards