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Jun 10 at 07:26 AM

Source Code is password protected on S/4 Hana.


I have seen following this :

DATA: gt_code(72) TYPE c OCCURS 0,

gv_code LIKE LINE OF gt_code,

gt_code2(72) TYPE c OCCURS 0.

PARAMETERS: program LIKE sy-repid.


READ REPORT program INTO gt_code.

APPEND '*@#@@[SAP]' TO gt_code2.

LOOP AT gt_code INTO gv_code.

APPEND gv_code TO gt_code2.


INSERT REPORT program FROM gt_code2.

  • print unhidden source code for backup issues

LOOP AT gt_code INTO gv_code.

WRITE: / gv_code.

ENDLOOP. "LOOP AT gt_code INTO gv_code .

Also Seen seen this site :

But it is not working and not found the table of D010S.