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Jun 09 at 01:43 PM

Query on SAP Asset Manager and GEF config from SAP Config panel / GEF_UI_CONFIG


Dear Team,

We have implemented SAP Asset Manager 2010 with S/4 HANA 2020.

At present we are working on GEF integration (Procurement of ESRI license is in progress)

However, If we skip the ESRI licence part as of now, We have configured GEF in 2 different system.

The only difference between these 2 systems are:

1. GEF 1.0 SP7 and S/4 HANA 2020 Initial SP ( System 1)

2. GEF 1.0 SP 8 and S/4 HANA 2020 SP 01 (System 2)

The SAP config panel settings are same in both the systems :

The GIS_MAP_CONTROL has same standard Base Map and URLs ( Grey, Street, Topography, Satellite) and additionally we have added "EnableGef = True and GetUIProfileId = "OurProfileid"

In Tcode GEF_UI_CONFIG we have maintained the below base maps

Now when we test the Entity set GISMapParameters

1. In System 1, it displays the only the properties which are maintained in GIS_MAP_CONTROL from SAP config panel

2. In System 2, it displays all the properties which are maintained in both GIS_MAP_CONTROL and also from GEF_UI_CONFIG

When I test the application in mobile device, the Map settings are

1. System 1 : Shows the Base maps from SAP Config Panel ONLY (The Authenticated Base map is the new property which was added in SAP Config panel itself)

2. System 2 : Shows the base maps from GEF_UI_CONFIG and NOT the sap config panel property

I hope I was able to give the details properly.

My question is :

1. Why are these showing different base maps in the settings when the configuration is same?

2. Which one is behaving correctly ?

3. Do we need to create the base map and reference layer in SAP config panel also as they are in GEF_UI_CONFIG ?

4. What is missing in System 1 that the Entity set GISMapParameters is not displaying the GEF_UI_CONFIG parameters?

It would be great If anyone can explain this . It would be really helpful

Looking forward for your guidance and support.

Thanks and Regards

Neha Mahanty


basemaps.png (203.5 kB)
system1.png (36.5 kB)
system2.png (40.8 kB)