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Jun 07 at 02:05 PM

Storage Unit is not appearing in LX02 transaction


Dear Experts, Storage Unit is not appearing in LX02 transaction for a particular material. I have already posted this question and below the answer from Mr. Dominik,

Answer from Mr. Dominik: The reason why you see stock without storage unit management might be that you use block storage "B" as your placement strategy in the 001 storage type. Here, SAP manages WM stock not only in LQUA table, but also it keeps a summarized stock in LQUAB. The summarized stock is without storage units and depending on the settings with or without batch.

Query 1: Please guide me where can I find the Placement Strategy used in the 001 Storage Type?

Query 2: When I checked in the Transfer Order, I can see that the Storage Unit is displayed in Source Data tab, but in the Destination data tab the Storage Unit is not displaying. Is this the cause for the issue? Attached the TO display screen print.

lqua.png lquab.png lx02.png


to-screenshot.png (56.6 kB)
lqua.png (59.2 kB)
lquab.png (34.6 kB)
lx02.png (86.2 kB)