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Jun 08 at 01:54 PM

Related migration from PI 7.1 to PO 7.5.


Hi all,

There is an migration project coming up and since its my first encounter, I am confused related to few steps mentioned below,

Step 1: If it is an migration from 7.1 Dual Stack to 7.5 Dual Stack with the help/use of Azure. If yes then, What are the pros and Cons?

Step 2: How are the communication components, communication channels and all the other agreements and interfaces from ID are migrated from DS to Single Stack? Detailed Steps?

Step 3: How the migration is done from PI 7.5 Dual stack to PO single stack? What are the checklist to be studied?

These are the step i have been asked to study and come up with solutions. Please all help me out with this!

Thank You!

Best Regards,

Rohit Kumar Pandey