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Jun 08 at 12:11 AM

Integration from SLP-CIG to MDG


Hi Experts,

We are implementing MDG 1909 on S/4 HANA single cloud edition. In my earlier project I had worked on SLP-MDG integration...but CIG was not involved there, we implemented through calling External Approval API(SLP) from MDG...this is the first time working with SLP-CIG being integrated with MDG. The requirement is: SLP CIG will push the vendor data to MDG(in XML /WSDL form) and upon receiving vendor data, we need to create CRs in MDG for further data enrichment. We are also implementing a similar interface between CPI and MDG for Customer Master data( and received a lead on that. But for this case, after going through few blogs on this context(SLP-CIG to MDG), I am getting little confused about which technical approach to consider to process the incoming data from SLP-CIG and send confirmation back to SLP-CIG again.

Can anyone kindly tell me what would be our technical approach to receive the data from CIG and process to create the CR in MDG? Any answer would be highly appreciated.

Regards, Titu