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Jun 07 at 08:55 PM

QMHU-VEMNG field is not updated for few records


Hello Team,

We create HU in-process orders (COP1), and do the HU GR (COWBHUWE), HU stock goes to QI with 04 inspections. QMHU-VEMG table gets the update as soon as the COP1 transaction is executed.

There few continuous records where this table/Field has 0 value, the concerned HU already posted to Un Res, shipped out.

I am unable to understand why and how that field got a "0" value.

We are in Single-tenant Cloud 1909 system

Any insight into this behavior will be nice.

attached is the screenshot of QMHU sap-qmhu.png


sap-qmhu.png (39.9 kB)