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Jun 08, 2021 at 07:57 AM

ERP WIP batch usage (e.g. goods receipt posting) denied on EWM managed storage location

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Hello experts,

as work in process (WIP) stock in production (discrete production) flowing between different workcenters and operations is always a pain ;-) we like to use the perfect solution provided by SAP called "WIP batch" management for it.

Unfortunately, nobody mentioned in any release note neither for EWM nor in ERP EhP providing WIP batch, that you cannot use ERP "WIP batch" on a decentral (or HU managed) storage location.

If we try to post goods receipt on embedded EWM storage location in S/4 1909, this is rejected with error COWIPB175. Why ?

This is exactly what we need & like to do.

We like to use existing EWM linked warehouse logicstics (e.g. forklifts equipped with /SCWM/RFUI) to receive from workcenter, optionally store WIP stock temporarily in EWM storage bins and stage it to next operation's PSA on demand.

We don't like to define material numbers for all the semi product variants, try to reinvent warehouse logistics within a MES, buy a 3rd pary add-on or code temp stock creation on our own.

Any suggestions to this topic ?

Thanks & best regards,


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