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Jun 08 at 07:49 AM



in S4 HANA. MARA table MATNR filed length has been increased to 18 to 40. even though it increases when we check material code it is still 18 Characters.

as per the SNote : 2453997. we can not increase of pure numeric material code to 40 Characters.

In this context, if we use "CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT" to add leading zeros in a program it will add leading zeros for padding in 40 character length.

ex: - material code we pass to the functional module: 4000012895

- functional module output: 0000000000000000000000000000004000012895

- how value exist in MARA TABLE: 000000004000012895

when I compare both values in z programs. Value in DB & FM output value don't mach

I have a number of z programs that have used "CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT". as per the above case now those are not working. what should i do?

do i to alternative functional modules like "CONVERSION_EXIT_MATN1_INPUT" ?

or is there any way to work ""CONVERSION_EXIT_ALPHA_INPUT" ?