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May 04, 2006 at 08:48 AM

Redirect https://<host>/ to https://<host>/irj by only using Java AS



We are migrating away from IIS and IISProxy, and therefore need find a new way of redirecting from https://<host>/ to https://<host>/irj . We need to have a redirect (not an alias) since there are a lot of existing urls which are using irj as part of it. The redirect should be a server side HTTP 302 redirect, not a client side javascript redirect.

Our load balancer works at a lower level of the OSI stack, and it can therefore not perform this.

I've found that it is the application which binds the / context root, and I can always (re)move this and create a new J2EE application which does the work. But this is uneccassary complex.

The HTTP alias, are as the name implies, and alias, and not a redirect.

How has other portals solved this problem?