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Jun 03, 2021 at 10:56 AM

Setting up test system Disclosure Management 1700


Hello All,

We are upgrading from a stack 800 to stack 1700. I have noticed that the datasource is working in a different way. So i made a new datasource and let the system determine as described in the document by Marc Kuipers.

But when i want to do a full content refresh the system ends in a error: "Missing datasource New Acceptatie Disclosure Management 075T4 in config20.xml". I have checkt the system setting for Content refresh, and the pulldown menu is standard displaying --select--. But when i choose the datasource, the next time when i want to check it again, it is displaying --select--. Is that correct?

Futher i see that the datasource is undetermined.

When i do a content refresh per chapter, everything worked, but when i want to do a full refresh the system message the error of config20.xml. In the config20.xml all datasource of the DM systems are available. Don't know if that's correct. Below a part of a sreenshot of the config20.xml

Any thoughts?

Greeting Niels Kantelberg


url2g.png (49.1 kB)