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Jun 02 at 02:46 PM

Duplicate PGI from Outbound delivery causing stock inconsistency, how to fix?


Dear All,

We are experiencing a weird issue in production.

Duplicate PGI was processed automatically from outbound delivery in October, 2020.

This caused stock inconsistency, so business brought this issue to support team for solution.

Checked with SAP, they confirmed that this is a weird behavior of system and no specific solution available and this is a very rare issue; asked us to reverse the flow.

However, the problem is, this flow was completed in October, 2020. So, we can not reverse(vl09) the flow as the accounting document was cleared and all posting periods were also closed. We informed to user that it is impossible to reverse the flow, but user wants solution for the stock inconsistency.

Please verify the screenshot below for the duplicate pgi document flow.

Could you pleases help us with a solution for this issue.





duplicate-pgi.png (24.5 kB)