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Jun 01 at 05:45 AM

Duplication in the credit memo request document flow


rebate-credit-memo-req-duplication.jpgHi Team,

Nowadays we are getting an additional document line in the document flow of Rebate credit memo request. This duplicate document in the flow is showing as debit memo with the same document number and accounting document that is similar to the Rebate credit memo created. This strange flow is showing only in the document flow of rebate credit memo request as attached.

When you double click on the the “debit meo” it is still taking to the rebate credit memo document!

The flow I tried to simulate the case is as below.

I am using VBO2 to work on a bonus agreement then change agreement status to B "agreement released for settlement" then the button "execute settlement" then "save". Message pops up with the Reb credit memo rqst number.
I change to VA02, go to billing document, , change the billing block to blank then button sales document and choose in the pull down menu: billing. Credit memo overview of billing items pops up, automatically in transaction VF01 now, then save, message with credit memo number pops up.

When I look into the document flow by going to the credit memo request again there is a rebate memo and a debit memo!! PFA screenshot. May I know if this is a common issue in SAP?


Alfred Wilfred