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May 30 at 12:54 PM

Handling data flow in SAP with Non-SAP Integration


Dear Experts,

Need your suggestion in handling locking / inconsistencies issues when high volume of similar data is processed between Non-SAP and SAP.

Scenario Overview

Non-SAP data would be sending Sales data to SAP and Delivery / PGI / Invoice should happen automatically in SAP. We have Middle ware ( PI ) for this Integration.

Foreseen Challenges

High volume of sales data will be sent in multiple transactions at the same time. Each transaction speaks about one whole process ( Delivery/PGI/Invoice ).

In a scenario where same sales data is triggered against different customers from Non-SAP, at same time ( from different retail stores ), Locking error will come into picture when PGI ( Goods consumption ) is being done in SAP.

Eg : Material / Batch is being processed somewhere else.

In our earlier project we handled it using Asynchronous mode ( SPROXY ) , where data received into PI, but for every time interval ( X seconds ) each transaction is released into SAP. In this case we are avoiding locking errors to some extent and not sending any response back to Non-SAP.

However in our current Integration 3rd party is expecting a response in order to complete the full cycle at their end and for other reporting purpose .

As we don't see any queue model in Asynchronous mode ( Non-SAP->PI->SAP ) ,locking issue will be seen almost all the time due to same sales data triggering.

How do we have handle scenarios in Synchronous mode ? Is there any better way where we can avoid this locking issue and response can be sent back to Non-SAP through PI.

Request you to share your experiences if you've come across the same or any ideas will be appreciated .

Thank you.