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Jun 02 at 03:47 PM

POST form data http connector


Hello everybody,

I would like to POST form data with CPI, first I tried with Postman and It was ok you cans see below the raw data :

Then I try with CPI but I am not abble to replicate the case on CPI :

You will find attach the xml that I Try to send test-form-data.xml in CPI I put the headers like this :

Content-type multipart/form-data; boundary=cpi

then the body structure is like this :

I got an error 400 I don't know if I missed something, I already try the solutions on the link below :

but without succes.

Do you have any ideas ?

Thanks for you answers



a87vm.png (167.3 kB)
x1jod.png (54.2 kB)