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Jun 01 at 01:24 PM

Qm02 Gos new subtype


Hello experts,

We need to create a new subtype in the gos of QM02 transaction. At the moment we have the gos with objects BUS2078 and QMSM. When the quality notification is opened, the "Quality notification" subtype linked to BUS2078 is enabled and you can add as documents as you want. Then, for each task opened, a new line is created in the Gos popup. Now we need to create a new line when the user click in an action of action toolbar. I've created by "swo1" a new subtype but i'm not sure if the type should be a subtype of a supertype (Bus2078, Qmsm) os not. can I link this object with the new gos' line? is this done with an event?

Could you please give me some.advice on how can I add this new object?

Thank you so much.