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May 28 at 04:43 PM

How First Sales Order are determined under condition type in VK13 Comulated Sales Order Values


Hello Experts, I need to know how the Sales order are being fetched under First Sales Order tab in VK13 Comulated Sales Order Values function.

I saw two problems in it which I need to understand-

1. For most of periods, only created sales order are present, and only for some periods return order are also appearing.

So my question is if it is correct then why returns are not there for other periods and if wrong what could be the cause

2. The returns which are appearing for them how the period is being determind, Is it on the basis of reference documnet? As return creation date and period are not in sync for some records.

Kindly tell me if there is any user exit which might be creating this issue and how to check.

Thanks in Advance