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Jun 02 at 07:00 AM

How to automatic Heuristic APO at the time generating purchase order at ERP


Hello, Everyone I need your help.

Our company is currently using SAP APO Module. ERP MRP is executed twice at dawn.

There is a problem here, In Production control team, who if the purchase order is issued from SAP ERP to

me21/me21n at morning time (after dawn) immediately, purchase order is forced from the APO. (3min) If the

production team doesn't run the heuristics on the APO, at this time, the point of purchase team view PO/PR

appears at the same time. (It's doubled) The purchasing team will look that till the MRP runs.

So, we'd like to place an automatic order.

In My question, Can't we automatically remove the Pr and leave only the PO from the APO when the purchasing team generates the PO at the ERP? Due to this problem, we can miscalculate the pr and place an order. ↓↓


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