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May 31 at 11:23 AM

Focused Build: S1DM Transaction status issue


Hi All,

we had implemented Focused build with STS-OST07 and Solman SPS12. We started using S1DM standard transaction type for defect management.

We created 2 new roles with SAP delivered std role(Copied to Z) 1 for Tester (With My Test execution and my Defect app) and 1 for Test Manager role (All other app including My Test execution and My Defects app).

Now we are facing few issue while processing the defects as listed below.

1. Both Tester and Test Manager can able see/Set same options.(Create Defect Correction, Set to In Process, Set Tester Action, Confirm, Withdraw) and can see

2. Solution propose option is disappeared.

How to disable Confirm and Withdraw option for Test Manager role?

How can we fix these issues? What is the exact Defect life cycle management for S1DM transaction?

Thanks in Advance.


Pradeep Prasanna