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May 28 at 10:37 AM

BPC template/instance problems


Hi experts, I have modified a template in BPC version 10.

When i want to save and validate it, this warning appears, and i can’t validate the template:

The settings set in the activities tab of the template are the following:

If I change the member, from “Single Member” to “Base Members of”, it works, and the warning message doesn’t appear:

But when i want to create e new instance, it creates one for each UDP in the dimension, as in the following image:

So i need for the setting to be “Single Member”.

Hope I’ve been clear in the explanation.

Please, any help?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,



rks6g.png (52.7 kB)
ij8el.png (137.8 kB)
hcg1c.png (55.0 kB)
orja9.png (61.2 kB)
2o2zb.png (115.0 kB)