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May 27 at 08:58 PM

PO was created for a wrong Vendor. They need to pay now the correct vendor.


Hello Experts,

One of our user created a PO for a wrong vendor. GR was made against this PO. No invoice yet. The problem, they need to pay now the right vendor.

I did some checking on this PO, it has a single material on it. Full GR was made against it around Feb 2021.

I also checked the material movement (the one in the PO) via MB51. I noticed that there are several movements already such as 101 from other PO, subcon etc.

The open period in MM (MMRV) is May 2021 and back posting is allowed. If my undertsanding is correct, this should allow to post to the preceding month which is April 2021. So technically, April 2021 and May 2021 are both open for postings.

QUESTION: Is current open period (MMRV) directly affecting the GR reversal? I'm not 100% sure about this but I believe this is affected since this is still posting. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

What I'm planning to do now, if it is "not affected". I will advice the user to reverse the GR created Feb 2021 since we still have enough stocks for that material (although there are a lot of movements already but still there are enough stocks). Then delete the line item and recreate the PO with the correct vendor this time

But if reversal is not possible, I will just tell them to close this PO. By manually ticking the delivery complete field (because I noticed this is untick for a full GR) and advice the finance to do the payment to the correct vendor without reference to a PO.

Experts, any suggestion? what do you think is the best solution for this scenario? Thank you.