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May 27 at 03:57 PM

HCM Processes and Forms - Download attachments at the click of 'Send'

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Hi, I have a requirement to download attachment from HCM form to shared drive. Here's the Scenario.

When we run the process 'ZHR_COVID_LEAVE_REQ' using tcode 'hrasr_test_process' an HCM form opens up. In the form we fill all the details and then also attach documents for verification. The documents can be of any type but as of now we are considering .txt, .xls and .pdf. When the 'Send' button is hit the attachment should be saved to the shared folder. I am writing my logic of reading the attachments in feeder class and then GUI_UPLOAD and GUI_DOWNLOAD. GUI_UPLOAD doesn't work and gives an error 4 which is 'GUI_REFUSE_FILETRANSFER'. Is that happening because I am uploading through WEB GUI and so GUI_UPLOAD will not work?

I tried using submit program from the feeder class but it gives the same error. Internally it hits the 'NOT_SUPPORTED_BY_GUI' exception in the method 'CL_GUI_FRONTEND_SERVICES=>FILE_EXIST' as discussed in the note '1929418'. Is there an SNOTE to get rid of this problem?

Is there an alternate function module which can upload and download files when request is made through WEB GUI? Also I found that attachments are saved in SCASE tcode under attachments. In the table SCMG_T_CASE_ATTR log of my attachments exist. Is there a table or a function module to to download the attachment from there?

Is there a way to read the content of the attachment in the feeder class?