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May 27 at 07:32 AM

self registration for idm usage


Hi folks!
I want to setup a self registration service for IDM following the default NetWeaver self register service to allow new IDM users to register themselves but the access to the IDM self services should be approved by an administrator user (in our system we basically use self services that allows IDM users to request privileges for connected backend systems, the availability of these services is granted via an IDM role).

Now, using the self register option for NetWeaver, a new user account will be generated in UME only. To use my workflow e.g. for approval of the IDM self service role, I need the MX_PERSON first. But it is not directly created during the self registration...

So, what are suitable options here? Create a job that regularly checks new UME users and assigns the IDM self service role to them, which must be approved by an administrator?

Regards, Richard