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May 26 at 11:15 PM

CDS Odata 500 "Found 0 matching services"


Hi there,

Just getting started with CDS. Trying to use it as part of an already established Node project in order to expose some Hana tables as Odata service.

I have an "odataSchema.cds" file with @cds.persistence.exists to annotate an already existing table. Then "odataService.cds" to expose that entity.

The project is usually started with npm start that runs the script "node app.js", but in order to make the CDS work, I have to run "cds run" (so that's a question for later). For now, I can access localhost:8300 with the links to the entity but clicking on that will give me 500, "Found 0 matching services".

Any idea how I can continue from here?