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May 31 at 05:20 AM

SAP CAP app deployment to Cloud Foundry failed ("some instances have crashed")


Greetings everyone!

I am working on a project based on SAP CAP and SAP HANA DB, in the SAP BTP environment (trial account).

Following the CAPm model, my application consists of a database module (db), a services module (srv) and an app module that is only the approuter (I don't have a Fiori UI or any other, since I don't require it).

Following these the following tutorials from Thomas Jung (and some others, to a lesser extent): (from that tutorial, all of the following)

I have managed to advance a lot in understanding the process, and get closer to what I need to do: Deploy my application to my space in Cloud Foundry (within my SAP BTP Trial account).

However, so far I always get the same error when I try to deploy my application (the corresponding .mtar file):

Error starting application "UAM-app-srv": Some instances have crashed. Check the logs of your application for more information.

UAM-app is the name of my application, and UAM-app-srv is the service module.

In the registry in the cockpit (Most recent Application Events) I have the following message (just an excerpt) for the different events of the service module (srv) deployment:

exit_description: APP/PROC/WEB: Exited with status 1, reason: CRASHED

At the moment I have no further clues as to the cause of the error. I have thought that it could even be due to limitations of the Trial account, perhaps regarding the number of applications that can be running at the same time in the Cloud Foundry environment, could it be?

Note: I only have three applications deployed in Cloud Foundry, corresponding to the three modules of my application (the one I am dealing with here: db deployer, app and srv).

Thank you very much in advance for any helpful answers and/or comments.


I have not published here the record that is generated in the Deployment process, with all the corresponding details, because I think it is very extensive. I can publish it, however, if someone considers that it is necessary to be able to give an answer regarding the error I have with the deployment.