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May 30 at 03:06 AM

Event handler GUID retrieval unsuccessful; check BAPI input interface


Hi EM Experts

I am facing a strange issue in adding new search parameter to EM WEBUI.

I created new control parameters for source and destination location description of Freight Unit and Freight Order. Have done all necessary configuration for declaring this control parameter in EM. I can also see this parameter value in Event Handler and table /saptrx/eh_cntrl. Now since the client wants to have it like a search parameter in EM WEBUI, I added this as new field in both selection and display in WEBUI configuration.

Screen shots attached below

Now when I do a search in EM WEBUI with any of this field, I always get the error - Event handler GUID retrieval unsuccessful; check BAPI input interface and even more strange is that even the display field for this parameter is coming empty but if I check the Event Handler details using /saptrx/eh_list, there parameters do have values.

As per my knowledge, we get this issue when the view for Extension table is not activated, but in my case there are no new system parameters added so there is no question of activating this view. Please correct me if I am wrong.

In past I have added new control parameters and used it as search and display fields on WEBUI, I am totally clueless why I am getting error now.

Please guide what can I do to resolve this issue.