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May 28 at 02:29 PM

HANA client update



I use the SAP Landscape management tool in my SAP landscape and also created some "Operation Templates" to install new kernels to my SAP-system and do an upgrade of the HANA database.

For upgrading the HANA database, I create a config file with the hdbinst –configfile=…. and replace the environment parameters in the config file and start the upgrade from there after I shut down the SAP-instances. After that I start up the instances again. That is working fine.

For updating the HANA client, on the SAP application servers, I want also create a script to do so. So from the HDB client installation create a config file and replace the parameters.

But one of the parameters is the installation path of the client. The default is different than when I installed a central HANA client for the application servers.

When I start manually the “hdbinst” I get a list of installed HANA clients and their version numbers.

Is it possible to detect the installation path’s of the HANA client’s installed on for example the SAP-application servers?

My application servers are installed on a Linux system

I could do a find on the OS but then I get also the older copied folders. These are not shown when I start hdbinst manualy.

Who knows the trick to detect the HANA client installation path?

May be I could share some Templates in return!

Kind regards,

Richard Meijn