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May 27 at 07:27 AM

Different format for multiple local key figures


Dear community,

is there a way to apply different formatting options for different locally defined key figures in Excel?
So for example local kf1 shall be formatted as number wheres local kf2 as percentage.

I tried to apply different formatting by adding an entry to the formatting sheet based on "specific selection > Local Member > [Name of the local member]". But the system does not take this entry into account, i.e. formatting for this particular local member does not change (even if I unflag the standard formatting for local members just to exclude a sequence issue where one format overrules another one).

I also recognized that the Excel add-in formatting sheet does not keep the union flag on the multiple selection overview in case I add multiple local key figures to one configuration entry. However this would not bother me as I can simply add an entry per local key figure.

BR, Peter


formatting-001.jpg (27.7 kB)
formatting-002.jpg (23.3 kB)