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May 26 at 10:10 AM

HANA R integration: "Authentication with Rserve failed"



following the official SAP HANA R Integration Guide - SAP Help Portal I was able to integrate an R serve without authentication. I now want to Set Up Rserve Authentication - SAP Help Portal. I followed the instructions to the latter.

My Rserv.conf looks as follows:

HANA config for crypted authentication:

Added credentials to my HANA user:

The passwordfile has the plain structure of:

<user> <password>

When I run a test R script in HANA I get the following error message: "Authentication with Rserve failed"

The same happens with plain text password authentication. When I am not using password authentication (authentication disabled) I am getting no error and the script runs fine. I did check telnet on port 6311 for the R server from my local machine. Works fine.

What could be wrong here?



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