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May 26 at 01:05 PM

Purchase Rebates - Settlement Management - Delta Accrual Settlements Accounting Postings


I am trying to configure and post to accounting a settlement management, delta accruals settlement, but I am not able to get the settlement to post to the accrual accounts that I need it to post to. I can get the system to post the credit entry to an accrued revenue account, but I cannot get the system to post the debit to an accrual receivables account. A normal settlement will post the debit to the A/R reconciliation account, but our settlement is not doing this, causing an error when we release it to accounting. Error: "RW033 - Accounting Interface: Balance in Transaction Currency $xx.xx",

Looking for any input on what configuration I may be missing, or if standard delta accruals set up requires and user exits to be implement to complete the correct account postings.