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May 24 at 09:52 AM

SAP iRPA - Importing other Package as dependency in custom project


Hello Experts,

We are trying to import an external iRPA package in our custom workflow. We are able to automate the applications and captured screen from the external package in our workflow. Once that is completed, we are tying to link the external package screens to the screens captured in new workflow. Somehow bot is unable to recognize the screens in new workflow, however if we add the screens in imported package, the bot works seamlessly. The agent is not able to recognize the new app and its screen in new workflow and proceed further. Any leads will be appreciated.

Note: We are trying to automate SAPGUI here, the external package contains login to SAPGUI steps, where as in new workflow we are trying to automate steps from Easy Access screen.


Adwait Fadnavis